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Palliative Care Path

Walking this path together

You are not alone on this journey. We support you each step of the way.

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Palliative Care helps those living with a serious illness maintain their quality of life while also providing support to family and loved ones.

Living with a serious illness, or illnesses, can be challenging. We understand this and have a medical team, Palliative Medicine Consultants, dedicated to providing supportive care to patients with serious illnesses. Illnesses may include Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), kidney failure, liver failure, dementia, Parkinson's, and cancer. Their specialized knowledge, compassionate care, and guidance helps to alleviate worries and ensure you feel supported in managing your illness.


Our Palliative Nurse Liaisons will make a visit to get to know you and gather information. Follow-up visits are made as you need us, typically once a month with a Nurse Liaison. Nurse Practitioners also make visits as needed. They work closely with the patients' existing healthcare providers to coordinate patient care and symptom management. 

Our After Hours Team is also available to answer questions and make recommendations around-the-clock.

While it's comforting to know that supportive care is available to you, it can still be a bit confusing knowing when the right time is to consider it...

Supportive Care

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Serve the Uninsured

Palliative Medicine can help you when:

Your quality of life has been suffering due to illness.

Your condition has worsened despite the best care by your doctors.

You need more help from family and friends.

Information provided by your doctor is confusing.

You have had frequent trips to the doctor's office or hospital.

You need help understanding options for your care & what to expect.

Your quality of life is our focus. We get to know you so that we can work to ensure your needs and wishes are met. For some, this may be avoiding hospital visits, or helping their physician understand their wishes. We are here to support you and advocate your personal care choices.

Considering Palliative Medicine

Getting to know you and learning what is important to you, is the key to ensuring you receive the care you envision. Your first visits with us will help us understand your wishes by:


  • Reviewing your understanding of your illness and what your doctors have told you.

  • Asking about your spiritual and cultural beliefs.

  • Asking how you are coping with your illness.

  • Asking how you feel physically.

From there, we:

  • Provide assistance understanding your illness and what to expect.

  • Provide guidance with decisions on complex treatment options.

  • Offer close communication and support.

  • Ensure expert management of pain and other symptoms.

  • Advocate for you, your dignity, comfort, and quality of life - as defined by you.

  • Create a care plan based on your goals and preferences.

  • Assist with Advance Care Directives.

  • Communicate with your doctor(s) regarding your consultation.

Having a serious illness doesn't have to mean confusion and coping with symptoms day-to-day, you have an expert team to ensure your wishes are met with Palliative Medicine Consultants.

Palliative Medicine Services

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When you're ready, we are here.

Call anytime - 833.839.1113

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