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How Does Grief Counseling Work- Especially During These Pandemic Times of Limited Personal Contact?

Talking one-on-one with a Grief Counselor helps to make sense of the grief process. The way in which a person grieves is unique to that person. Having a Grief Counselor to help you work through your emotions and thoughts about your loved one, share your memories, and discuss adjustments to life is healthy; it helps you recognize that what you are going through, though painful, is a natural life experience.

Typically, a Grief Counseling Session is held at one of our office locations. A session may also occur at a survivor’s residence when they are unable to come to an office. “But during these pandemic times that have prevented face to face meetings, we have found that virtual visits through visual technologies and/or phone visits have become a tremendous venue for survivors and counselors to connect. There will come a time when we do face-to-face visits again, but for now our Grief Counselors are just as available as ever; and they are ready and willing to help you on your path of grief.

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